Aether Obelisk
CD / Digital

Aether Obelisk is emotionally charged in a way that is as tightly woven as it is free-flowing at times. It’s loaded with acoustic and electric guitar textures ranging from folk to improv, synths, panoramic electronics, reverberating piano bits, horn sections, vibes, glockenspiel and multi-layered percussion - both live and programmed. Some various toys and small plastic objects left their mark as well. The recording process took place for almost a year. Daniel Vujanic’s goal was to create an electroacoustic environment with a soul, and provide various melodic counterpoints to the sometimes seemingly enigmatic changes, breaks and song developments: a coherent, thematic album rather than a mere compilation showcasing sonic diversity.

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“if ‘Aether Obelisk’ was a boulevard, it would be one full of secret alleys and niches, of secluded spots hidden in between the traffic-congested roads and tree-lined avenues.” -Experimusic (EU)

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