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Givan Lötz
Cassette / Digital

SNARLING comes from South African artist, Givan Lötz, as a redux version of a 4 album series of slow quietly haunting songs written and distilled over a period of 4 years. Lötz’ invented sonic realm is at once immersive and submerged. It is a sub-aquatic planet of shifting veils and delayed frequencies, of murmurs and caverns and sudden twists of rupturing light. Its pace is that which occurs in media thicker than air, the time zone permanently pitched at dusk. As we travel through this twilight space of unpredictable half-light, Lötz’ narrative arc circles the problems of love – obsession, loneliness, desire, paranoia, tragedy, sensuality and melancholia all intermingle in this multi-tiered, meditative miscellany. Here are sprawling canvases of electronica, now thumping now floating, here are crunching, ominous electric guitars, thrumming organs, wild splashes of sound.

SNARLING is available on limited edition cassette and digitally.

Please visit Bandcamp to stream/purchase SNARLING.


"An intimidating work of great artistic expression." -GoldFlakePaint

"He is an artist who clearly understands that peeling-back the layers of instrumentals can often be even more devastating than adding those layers in the first place." -Platform Online

"The way Lötz delivers with exceptional patience, maintaining a sombre rhythm, and then within that rhythm creates such incredible narratives, is startling." -Guide Me Little Tape

"If Bon Iver drank a bunch of absinthe and watched Requiem For a Dream 10 times in a row, Givan Lötz’s Snarling would be the result of a night without sleep after the fact." -Modern Vinyl (Cassette Corner)

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