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Steven Hess
Miles Tilmann
LP / Digital

Steven Hess is a drummer with a background in jazz, modern composition, electro-acoustic sound and electronic music. Miles Tilmann creates evocative electronic music and soundscapes. An experienced composer, performer and collaborator, he's worked with various styles including ambient, experimental, and dance music. Together they create a unique hybrid of improvised percussion and electronics, where Tilmann's deep bass tones and sublime waves of sound converse with Hess's intricate rhythms and textures: the sonic equivalent of a complex series of weather systems that assemble, unfold and disintegrate according to their own logic.

Departures is Hess & Tilmann's collaborative release on Other Electricities. Their synergy; starkly apparent within symphonies of unpredictable undercurrents and tonal atmospherics. The yield; a crossed-signal phase shift between airy and aqueous. Simultaneously intriguing and elusive through their manipulation of sound's depth of field, they successfully incorporate this often underused element, pressurizing shimmering pulses alongside chaotic decays.

Limited editon black vinyl with cover artwork by Aaron Powers.

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“Like Hebden and Reid, Tilmann and Hess stoke swirling atmospheres of electronics-and-percussion improvisations, with Tilmann's vaporous washes and bass tones spread across an ever-evolving flow of percussive accents and patterns.” -Textura

“A great pairing of improvisation, musique concrete, dub, ambient in six particular strong tracks.” -Vital Weekly

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