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Berezka / Monkey Lament
Gultskra Artikler
LP / Digital

Berezka/Monkey Lament is a split LP by Russian avant-folk artist Gultskra Artikler and the UK drone outfit Lanterns. Complementary by nature of thoughtful experimentation, kindred by their undeniably enveloping output, Berezka/Monkey Lament brings the creations of Gultskra Artikler and Lanterns together in a familiar format, with unique contributions from each. Exclusive tracks and artwork dawn each side of a limited edition LP, displaying the artists’ visions for their side of this entrancing combination record.

"Mixed Color" LP comes bundled with a CD version of the album.

Please visit Bandcamp to purchase Berezka/Monkey Lament.


“Both artists find unique ways to blend acoustic and electronic elements, as well as structure and improvisation. Given both the quality of the music and the artwork, there's much for fans of experimental music to enjoy from this record.” -Foxy Digitalis

“What both hold in common is a sense of the psychedelic folk aspects of the works, high sonic assault on your senses along with a technical literacy, which has eschewed formalism in the search for new found ground.” -Cyclic Defrost (AU)

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