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Holly Hunt
12" / Digital

Following their highly lauded full-length album Year One, Holly Hunt returns with a 3-song, 12’’ EP, Prometheus. Recorded by Jonathan Nuñez of Torche and mastered by New Alliance East, the record builds on the two-piece’s reputation for metal that’s crafted with the heaviest alloys, and a most magisterial patterning - the type that drones vehemently and drowns in the blues.

Drummer Beatriz Monteavaro (Floor, Cavity) and guitarist Gavin Perry have demonstrated themselves as a loud and lumbering giant of the Miami music scene. The visceral impact of sound - the raising heart rate, neck chills, the warmth spreading throughout your torso - this is Holly Hunt’s raison d'être. Prometheus manages to transmit an almost perfect rendering, delivering listeners to a heightened physical (and mental and spiritual) state. The record conjures the image of an approaching behemoth, striking paranoia and fear until the final, exhilarating sweep of humanity’s total destruction.

Where Year One established the bedrock of Holly Hunt’s punishing sound, Prometheus thunders with the clarity of a crack of lighting. It establishes a supremely balanced, critical distance between amp worship and riff devotion, rising and falling with ecstatic highs and sublime lows. And while Year One represented the genesis of the band's existence; Prometheus stands as a churning, threatening hint of things to come.

Prometheus is a joint release by Other Electricities and Sonic TITAN.


Please visit Bandcamp to stream/purchase Prometheus.


"It is rare in drone metal to find an outfit that can manage the careful and seamless balance of building the nods of annihilation whilst pirouetting into the proceedings from the sidelines and adding enough fresh and exciting nuances." -Tuff Gnarl

"Holly Hunt’s Gavin Perry and Beatriz Monteavaro indulge in excess. This new effort, Prometheus, is as titanic as its myth and it brings the fire." -Florida Geek Scene

"Like Cassius Clay hitting a speed bag with the heaviest Frankenstein boots on ever. Tops." -Mr. Entertainment

"Prometheus in three words: dense, majestic, spacious." -The Sleeping Shaman

"HOLLY HUNT’s songs are full of perfect sludge-filled moments that when high can act as magic portals into other parts of your imagination! All hail the power of the sludge, because HOLLY HUNT is my new drug!" -CVLT Nation

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