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Slomatics/Holly Hunt Split 7"
Holly Hunt
7" / Digital

Two sides of heavy from two parts the world! Holly Hunt's "Bill Ward" on the A side - an authentic testimonial to the duo's live sound and energy. Slomatics' "Ulysses, My Father" on the flip - a sludgy sonic tale. Miami meets Belfast, all take cover! Mastered by James Plotkin. Out via OE/Sonic TITAN (US) and Black Bow (UK/EU).

Formed in Belfast late 2004, Slomatics aim to reduce riffs to a primal state of heaviness, to produce music which whilst imploding under its own weight, creates a joyous and euphoric state of wellbeing which can only be obtained with a slew of vintage amplifiers, fuzz pedals, analog synths and an alarming array of percussion instruments. This has endured through UK tours, gigs in Europe, four albums and a mountain of split/vinyl/cassette releases. Showing no signs of slowing down, the band will bring 2014 to a close with a seismic split release with Miami bruisers Holly Hunt. The band's new lastest album, Estron, was released February 2014 to universal praise, including the Quietus best of 2014 and was nominated for the Northern Ireland Music Prize 2014. Hear the SludgeLord: “Pounding drums, great vocals and gargantuan riffs. Embrace Slomatics, and succumb to the impending neck pain with open arms.”

Drummer Beatriz Monteavaro (ex Floor/Cavity) and guitarist Gavin Perry have demonstrated themselves as a loud and lumbering giant of the Miami music scene. The visceral impact of sound – the raising heart rate, neck chills, the warmth spreading throughout your torso – this is Holly Hunt’s raison d’être. Holly Hunt champions heavy metal's potential to transcend genre and become a physical experience. Though stripped down to the most bare essentials, the duo's innate technical chops, strong dialogue, and incredibly deep relationship to their gear produces a sound and style far beyond rudimentary tags like "heavy," "hard," or "brutal."

Please visit Bandcamp to stream/purchase. EU/UK customers, you can buy direct from Black Bow.



"A formidable pairing, the likes of which haven't been seen since Kane and the Undertaker wrought havoc to the wrestling world." -The Truth Metal Reviews

"If you’re looking to lose your mind on some extremely heavy doom then this split 7-inch should do the trick perfectly." -The Helm

"Mesmerizing and absolute, Holly Hunt and the Slomatics have been able to remind me what I love so much about heavy music." -Two Guys Metal Reviews

"This 7-inch should carry a warning sticker ‘FUCKIN’ HEAVY!’." -Mass Movement

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