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The Missing
Sicker Man
Cassette / Digital

"For those of you who just want to listen to the music without needing to know all about the cerebral side of this concept album - please skip this text and just enjoy the record!

As part of my own working process, after I record I often step back and try to place my work in the context of musical history and within the world today. To try to understand the 'whats' and 'whys'... The Missing is as much a tale about individualism as it is about losing your identity... it is a story told through music.

It was inspired by Amerika (originally The Missing Person) by Franz Kafka. In his novel, Kafka tells the story of Karl Roßmann who escapes Europe, fleeing to the United States in an effort to start a new life. But, as I approached the story from Karl's perspective, you will rarely find direct allusions to the story. In a broader sense, the album is more about how an individual feels when trying to fit within society...and what happens, when he finally loses his identity.

1. 'Dated' - The first enthusiasm, big sea, big ships of steel, little humans.
2. 'Turning the pages' - at the entrance of New York, Karl gets stuck in the labyrinth of the big ship.
3. 'Ceiling' - First work is in New York, skyscrapers, glass and steel...slight optimism.
4. 'Dark Hole' - work turns out to be monotonous and exhausting...wearing out.
5. 'Lights' - Karl is thrown out of work and hitchhikes out of town. He sits on the road.
6. 'Erasing Yourself' - Fata Morgana. Two hobos. After the short feeling of joy, turns out they abuse him.
7. 'Well Detected Cell' - Working as a lift boy in a hotel, life is OK... but then the two hobos show up and he gets sacked.
8. 'Grace' - Karl is kept like a slave at the hobos' place and yet he still daydreams. Finally he breaks free.

For this album I've tried to turn my different influences into one musical language. There are new aspects (distortion and aggression), that haven’t played a large role in previous recordings - but have always been a part of my live performances. I hear this noisiness more as an orchestral element, replacing a huge brass section with distorted guitars. Our world is full of contrasts, so I wanted the music to be like that too. In a world growing more and more absurd and aggressive, I find the time of musical understatement over. I felt compelled to make a stronger statement this time.

There is enough corporate music claiming to be emotional. We are surrounded by 'fake' in the media all the time. But I still believe that humanity can evolve. I wanted to make you, the listener, to feel what Karl feels. To understand the injustice and brutality of a cold society. To feel what it is to be lost in a huge crowd. A single person against a frightening mass..." -Sicker Man