web tasarım OE046 | Other Electricities -- Sounds and the Like, est. 2006


Dino Felipe
Cassette / Digital

PRŌJEKT! is the new full-length album, and Other Electricities debut, by Miami-Dade County's most prolific bedroom composer, Dino Felipe

Over the long, weird History of Music, the archetype of the reclusive savant composer has expressed itself in manifold iterations. Many have held our attention with their idiosyncratic methods and practices. Others earn initial scorn only to be later lauded by a public that is finally ready for their vision. But none have commanded the breadth of aesthetic ambition encapsulated by Felipe's prodigiously manic discography. He draws equally from IDM/glitch, avant-garde composition, traditional North American pop, and the aforementioned entire History of Music. 

Dino's 60th release is best unpacked through a clarification of the title: PRŌJEKT! is not a noun but in fact a verb. And to realize the fullest potential of that verb, Dino temporarily abandoned his perennial default mode of One Man Band to assemble an intentionally selected crew of vocalists. The results are startling.

Dino has hijacked the legendary Wall of Sound and somehow managed to turn it in on itself. Often you will hear about pop music conceptually "buried" beneath larger, more menacing MASSES of sound. However the pop on PRŌJEKT! is not buried but is in fact burying. 

Envision a Candyland dreamscape where the gummy worms begin slithering as much as they are sweet. Plaintive cries warble over delicately plucked strings, only to be suddenly flushed down a wind tunnel of ambient drone. Dynamic and emotive noise compositions that simultaneously invoke kiddie fun rides and the most haunted of houses.

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