web tasarım OE041 / OEOST001 | Other Electricities -- Sounds and the Like, est. 2006

OE041 / OEOST001


Other Electricities launches its Original Soundtrack catalog with Ectotherms, the no-budget, hybrid, debut feature from filmmaker Monica Peña.

Traversing its island influences, brash music scene, wild Everglades swamps, and the urban spaces in between, Ectotherms gives an impression of Miami as it is lived, not imagined: a sultry city where family heritage, urban blight, and the unique landscape intersect to create a youth culture like no other.

The original soundtrack by black metal trio Slashpine is blended into the narrative through arthouse show footage and a documentary interview with guitarist Brad Lovett. Hailed by Variety as “alarmingly, then effectively, discordant,” these swamp-gleaned sounds amplify the film’s sense of place.

Please visit Bandcamp to purchase/stream the Ectotherms OST and receive a code to stream the film with purchase.