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Bacanal Intruder

Bacanal Intruder
Asturias, Spain

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"a bold mix of folk, "toy-pop", and ambient rock." -Newdust

"these are beautifully and meticulously composed songs, and they form a unique patchwork here." -Foxy Digitalis

Luís Solís has been building his own particular world of sound for over a decade. Although usually labelled as folktronica, his music, released under the alias of Bacanal Intruder, incorporates a rich patchwork of references, including, of course, the mix of folk and electronic music done in a digital environment.

After a collection of EPs, limited editions and netlabel works which started in 2003 with the promising Shake The Christmas Tree, Bacanal Intruder took a giant step to settle his personal style with his debut album Lulo (Eglantine Records, 2006), the perfect synthesis of his versatile mix of pop, electronics, ambient, lo-fi folk, post-rock and bossa nova. His follow-up full-length was Do While, if Else (Other Electricities, 2011).

His compositions are based on a solid foundation to always carry them to a higher level. More melodic and accessible on the pop side, consistent experimental landscapes, ranging from the saddest melody to the brightest song, his unique sound is unmistakable.

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