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Stuttgart, Germany

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“if ‘Aether Obelisk’ was a boulevard, it would be one full of secret alleys and niches, of secluded spots hidden in between the traffic-congested roads and tree-lined avenues.” -Experimusic (EU)


“Baja, like his other compatriots on the up-and-coming Other Electricities label, operates under the maxim that modern digital music is simply an aural Cuisinart, capable of blending anything and everything into anything and everything, reshaping genre into whatever is physically possible.“ -Squid’s Ear

Baja is Daniel Vujanic, an intense composer/musician working within the "free" genre. Baja incorporates organic and digital textures, non-intuitive forms of songwriting, dynamic and almost classic-like complexity and - Vujanic's trademark - thematic and seemingly endless processing, editing and re-editing of the sound material until it eventually becomes unrecognizable. "Baja’s music does not follow a straight course; it tunnels into itself, skips forward, and expands in leisurely circles. The willingness to shuttle from idea to idea within big compositions is reminiscent of some of The Fiery Furnaces’ output, but unlike those of The Furnaces, Baja’s songs aren’t spastic riddles to be unpacked; they’re more like detailed itineraries, inked onto paper, that yield memories as one travels across them in three dimensions." Tiny Mix Tapes

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