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Dino Felipe

Dino Felipe
Miami, FL

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Dino Felipe was raised by his Mother & his Mother's Mother (Grandmother) - his Mother always coming home from work & dancing to Disco, Brazilian music, or Led Zeppelin daily. It was obvious to him that he also loved music, even before he touched an instrument. He would dig through her tapes & records while she was working and discover music like Taco, Laurie Anderson, The Grateful Dead, & Michael Jackson. From that point to the present point, he made himself learn every instrument his mom could afford.

He began recording as a 6-year-old using a Casio and a tape recorder. Circa the late 90’s he released his teenage recordings via cassette, such as: "Presents All Year" ('98), & A few "FKTRN" Cassettes ('99), as well as various CDR releases. One day, seeing that his 4-track died, he decided there was no choice but to finance a computer, which led him to realize the computer is also an instrument, as any other more-tangible instruments are. Thus began his hybrid approach to music (using computers & tangible instruments together), and discovery of musical influences that are VERY different than the music he creates.

59 albums ("real" releases & self-released) later, he made an album titled PROJEKT!, as in "To Project" - via music.

Albert Ayler said "Music is the healing force of the universe." Dino very much agrees.

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Dino Felipe