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Dot Tape Dot

Dot Tape Dot
Asturias, Spain

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Tomavistas: 2002-2007:

“this is an utterly charming collection of off-kilter pop ditties, the spirit of experimentation always lurking” -Terrascope (UK)

“If you can imagine The Postal Service and Christopher Willits making music together, you're in the ballpark of what Tomasvistas sounds like.” -XLR8R

Daniel Romero is a multi-faceted musician based in Asturias, north of Spain - a land of rough ocean and green valleys. In a very short time he has molded a very personal discourse based on constructing low-budget electronic pop with lo-fi, toy instruments, combined with stunning homemade visuals. With his solo project Dot Tape Dot, his collaboration with the label-collective Sinclair-rrr and his own label, Ambulatore, Dani has established his name up front amongst a new generation of bedroom electronica musicians. His work receives significant international admiration from Japan to Mexico and many places in between. Dot Tape Dot's limited edition Far Away 7" and the now out of print Tomavistas: (selected rarities 2002-2007), were released on Other Electricities. With a "domestic" approach to making electronic music, dot tape dot's songs are warm and nostalgic. Additional friends and players contribute touches in both home-recording and live performance. Not having money to buy equipment, dot tape dot converted inopportunity to an aesthetic idea, deciding to use toy instruments and field recordings, all recorded in a very lo-fi way. Even as the music developed further, standard/obvious ways of creating electronic music weren't implemented. Instead of incorporating sterile equipment and virtual sounds, personal, intentionally tangible palettes are always employed. Songs grow and take on different forms over time, and performances depend on ever-changing, unpredictable live configurations. Always immersed in various audio/visual projects, Dani Romero is constantly creating and evolving.

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