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Fsik Huvnx

Fsik Huvnx
Miami, FL

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"A massive, piercing, blinding body of sound. Everything that matters all at once." -Guide Me Little Tape

Inspired by film soundtracks, ritual, meditative and ambient music, and the sounds of nature, David Brieske is the spectre behind Fsik Huvnx.

"While offhand it might seem ambient in execution, Brieske's musical pieces are more akin to the sounds impressed upon dreamscapes and those moments of uncertainty: loss, repentance, admiration and struggle. These eight minutes manage to soothe and unsettle and soothe again and that, friends, is a beautiful thing." -Abel Folgar, Miami New Times

Check out some of Fsik Huvnx's sounds via Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

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Fsik Huvnx