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Gultskra Artikler

Gultskra Artikler
Moscow, Russia

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04 September 12

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“A miasmic mish-mash of otherworldly electronica it ranges free form through a whole gamut of seductive sound.” -Brainwashed

“Pull out this disc when you are looking for that perfect, elusive ‘science-fiction video game taking place on deserted moon colony’ soundtrack” -Tiny Mix Tapes

Berezka / Monkey Lament:

“Both artists find unique ways to blend acoustic and electronic elements, as well as structure and improvisation. Given both the quality of the music and the artwork, there's much for fans of experimental music to enjoy from this record.” -Foxy Digitalis

“What both hold in common is a sense of the psychedelic folk aspects of the works, high sonic assault on your senses along with a technical literacy, which has eschewed formalism in the search for new found ground.” -Cyclic Defrost (AU)

Gultskra Artikler is a project of Alexey Devyanin. Originally from Novosibirsk, Russia, he is currently based in Moscow. His art absorbs the feeling of the inclement winters and endless snow-white landscapes. The music of GA lives in its own way, it has no prototypes. It's a unique mixture of brutal and honest vibes of mysterious Siberian soul and hi-tech-nologies, unpredictable electro-acoustic and avant-garde instrumental movements, precision electronic manipulations and strange field recordings.

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