Holly Hunt

Holly Hunt
Miami, Florida

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Year One:

"Holly Hunt’s fusion of various heavy and droning genres is a mind-bending trip into dizzying ecstasy." -The Dropp

"With this release Holly Hunt is capturing all the sonic intensity of their live shows and earlier recordings but with a more refined recording–one that embodies what’s great about heavy music in South Florida." -Hammer Smashed Sound

Year One, like any piece of art worth its salt, is a powerful 39-minute journey into the recesses of what makes the metal genre so incredibly enigmatic. -Steel For Brains

"Lumbering yet lithe, repetitive yet revealing, droning and meditative yet propulsive and elegantly psychedelic, at its core Year One is a bruising triumph of how to properly harness dynamics and total volume to create a cannon of riffs and tribal-tub-thumpery that creates the same feel as early OM might, were it channelled through Joe Preston's spleen. Far, far more than the sum of their two parts." -Toby Cook (The Quietus)

"Trust me, after this record is out, this band will be bigger than Jesus!" -Balazs Pandi

"That record rules. It is like giants moving across the land slowly." -Mr. Entertainment

"Some seriously epic, mesmerizing, melodic, metallic heaviness, most definitely essential listening for fans of Thrones, old Earth, Harvey Milk, Floor, Torche, Gore, and hell, even early Nirvana!!" -Aquarius Records

"Year One is a monolithic slab of instrumental head crush that'll leave you bruised and beaten, yet cosmically conscious." -Permanent Records

"Together, the Miami duo make wordless stoner metal from uncomplicated riffs and steady boom-crash rhythms, leavened by tones so viscous that you'll think you're swimming in them." -Grayson Currin (IndyWeek)


Upcoming Events:

25 April 2014 | Churchill's | Miami, FL
w/Godflesh, Laundry Room Squelchers, Regis
9 May 2014 | Churchill's | Miami, FL
w/ Cult Leader, Yautja, Shovelhead, Pariah
21 June 2014 | Dollhouse | Savannah, GA
w/Eyehategod, Ringworm, Hollow Leg, The Day Of The Beast, Shroud Eater
1 July 2014 | The Forge | Birmingham, AL
w/The Body & Thou

Holly Hunt is a two-piece instru-metal behemoth from South Florida. Drummer Beatriz Monteavaro (Floor, Cavity) and guitarist Gavin Perry capture the meditative power of repetition; the ecstatic joy of tempered variation; infinitely undulating riffage; psychedelic drone paired with rock n' roll rhythm - in full splendor.

In the grand tradition of Monteavaro's previous musical endeavors, Holly Hunt champions heavy metal's potential to transcend genre and become a physical experience. Though stripped down to the most bare essentials, the duo's innate technical chops, strong dialogue, and incredibly deep relationship to their gear produces a sound and style far beyond rudimentary tags like "heavy," "hard," or "brutal."


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