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Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love

Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love
High Peak, United Kingdom

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"What we have on Last is a band that could have been our new Sparklehorse if we'd bothered to listen." -The 405

"This is a funeral album that feels like a real celebration. Whatever the future brings for these musicians, they've left the Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love legacy in mighty fine shape. Last is an absolute triumph." -CrackleFeedback

 "It's all very complex, but it's a hell of a listen." -Exploding Head Syndrome

"Last presents significant, curious charms; it's the kind of record that surprises with noisy unpredictability, quiet intimacy and unflinching sincerity." -Clicky Clicky Music Blog

"Raw talent can be heard in each polished composition. Full of heart, Last is a perfect balance of rough lo-fi textures and luscious blends of soft and loud. This powerful duo have something to be proud of with this final treasure of an album." -Independent Music News (UK)

"This is the band at their most unafraid. It’s a record that will resonate as profoundly personal, packed full of inner-declarations about missing out on your chances, messing up your relationships and coming to terms with who you are. Press play and head out on a long walk – this one deserves your undivided attention." -GoldFlakePaint

Feels, Feathers, Bog & Bees:

“As a document of creative evolution, Feels, Feathers, Bogs and Bees succeeds in spades.” -30Music (CA)

“Blissful, melancholy, soul-stirring, harmonious and ultimately haunting...” - Playback STL

Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love:

“Recorded lo-fi style – in a bedroom apparently – this affecting release combines breathless harmonies and fragile tunes to achieve a strange warmth. Also makes Belle & Sebastian sound like Motorhead.” -The Crack (UK)

“Rooted firmly in the world of low/no-fi folk, this is a charming record that recalls the same juxtaposition of fragility and strength of character that suffused the early Elliott Smith albums.” -Tangents (UK)

Initially intended as a musical outlet for Kelly Dyson, Low Low...'s full inception came into form of a sudden, unplanned collaboration between Kelly and Natalia Brightmore. Instant musical chemistry coupled with a brief period of writing and recording yielded a complete body of bittersweet, forthright folk songs, self-released on the band's own Birds and Rodents label in 2004 and later re-released in the U.S. by Other Electricities. Today and three releases later, Low Low... emerges as consummate songwriters continuing their lo-fi approach to recording, stark lyricism, thoughtful arrangements and beautiful 3 part harmonies.

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Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love
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Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love
Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love
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Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love