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Chicago, Illinois

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German for Shark:

“It’s a fantastic album, and one which continues to mesmerise as you dissect these dense compositions and begin to make sense of them.” -ATTN Magazine

“a radiant set of ambient soundscapes embroidered with gestural detail and enriched with textural variety...” - Chicago Reader

All Are Welcome:

“despite the fact that the album is essentially a canvas of white noise, otherworldly drones, and astral dissonances, it achieves a remarkable sense of poignancy that holds things taut...” -Delusions of Adequacy

“All Are Welcome is a welcoming cluster of avant-jazz and improvisational rock on the verge of existence, like a fuzzy memory of a childhood Xmas morning where your parents stayed up all eve long drinking and smoking opium.” -PopMatters


“Like Hebden and Reid, Tilmann and Hess stoke swirling atmospheres of electronics-and-percussion improvisations, with Tilmann's vaporous washes and bass tones spread across an ever-evolving flow of percussive accents and patterns.” -Textura

Male is an open-ended ensemble that includes a revolving cast of some of Chicago’s most creative musicians. The core group consists of Jonathan Krohn, and Benjamin Mjolsness.  Upon finishing their debut album, All Are Welcome (2009), Ben and Jon immediately entered the studio to record the follow-up LP, German for Shark (2010), with a lot of help from Todd Mattei, who had become more of a mainstay in the core group.  They decided to invite all the musicians who contributed to All Are Welcome (Jason Adasiewicz, Josh Berman, Nick Butcher, Steven Hess and Mike Reed), along with Dave Rempis on saxophone. Male continues to perform improvised live sets in various configurations with album collaborators as well as new contributors such as noted drummer Frank Rosaly.

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