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Sneaky Thieves

Sneaky Thieves
Seattle, Washington

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“Brotherly is a surprisingly rewarding album, and for a band this young, it’s exciting to think what they might try next.” -Delusions Of Adequacy


“a thoughtful and minimalist epic indie charmer” -Treblezine

Sneaky Thieves write brooding, somber, atmospheric songs. The band was formed by brothers Robert and Freddy Bale in 2003. Together they forged a sound built on a bedrock of acoustic minimalism and dusty electronic experiments. With an unmistakable vocal style and penchant for eerie, theatrical delivery, their songs speak to some of the darker, existential moments in life. Brendan McDevitt joined the group in late 2003 and in the summer of 2005, Brendan's brother, Darby McDevitt, joined the group a fortnight before their first recording session. The record accident(s) was completed in late 2005. In January 2006, the four Sneaky Thieves enlisted the help of multi-instrumentalist Bryant Moore to help recreate the lush sound of the album for live shows. They agree this was the smartest move they ever made, as Bryant’s 60’s-era guitar style would lend heavily to the band’s future songwriting. accident(s) then saw a proper release by Other Electricities in October 2006. Their sophomore album, Brotherly, was completed in early 2009.

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Sneaky Thieves
Sneaky Thieves