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Givan Lötz

Givan Lötz
Johannesburg, South Africa

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"With skeletal guitars and synthesizers that crackle like broken leaves, it's the soundtrack to the scene in a movie when the character is being watched by something malevolent." -Times Live (ZA)

Maw sounds weighed down, like a cotton shirt, draped languid, heavy after sticking through rain at a funeral." -Decoder

" His songs are slow and sparse to a point of being burial hymns and as such there is a heavy gothic vibe strewn through his guitar-based musings." -4ZZZ

"MAW is truly a beautiful record. This is an album you could put the turntable each evening and listen to while drinking a glass of red wine and reading a classic novel." -The Sirens Sound

"By painting pleasant music with burnt edges, Maw conveys an unexpected air of malevolence." -Bubblegumclub (ZA)

Multidisciplinary creative practitioner Givan Lötz escapes definition and can usually be found stretching, subverting or otherwise beguiling our understanding of the creative production. He is at once a visual artist and musician who lives and works in Johannesburg. He holds an honours degree in Information Design from the University of Pretoria. Since 2005 he has worked on projects ranging from creative design solutions to live performance and self initiated works for gallery exhibition. In his own words:

“I am an artist because I am uncertain. My art-objects are, first and foremost, results of a philosophical inquiry - critical thinking about what it means to be human. The moments of obsession involved in this process of art-making aspire to achieve a mood of catharsis. I have a desire for innovative and dislocating descriptions of life through a willingness to confront it in all its contradiction and complexity.”

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Givan Lötz
Givan Lötz
Givan Lötz